Topservice in Chemical Compliance

KFT Chemieservice GmbH is a premium provider for services covering all aspects of chemical compliance. With our services we ensure that your company complies with all laws and rules describing the handling of chemical substances and mixtures of substances in the most important markets. We currently support more than 300 customers in 25 countries.

Three core competences make us one of the leading service providers in chemical compliance. First, we check the marketability of your products, we research and evaluate data, we assess the risks and we offer advice about measures to be taken. Second, we prepare for you the registration of biocides and cooperate therefore with partners all around the globe. And third, we prepare safety data sheets in more than 20 languages, adapt them continuously in case of amendments and we develop templates for the corresponding hazardous materials labels.

In addition, we offer many other services. The spectrum ranges from advisory and consultancy services to general contractorship for chemical compliance, from coaching, assessments to continuous training. For example, in the company’s own academy we offer seminars and webinars on topics of interest. Moreover, we are also acting as Only Representative for REACH and as external hazardous materials officer. We are equipped with modern web based technology and software and ensure efficient processes.

Chemical compliance requires both: expertise and to work precisely and carefully. Finally, it is about the safety of men and the environment – and it is a matter of a lot of money. For example in case of costly recalls, liability claims or loss of reputation. We minimize this risk insisting on the highest level of quality, reliability and service.

As our business partner you have another advantage. Placing your trust in our abilities, we take the burden off your shoulders and you can focus on your value creation process.

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