New German Cosmetics Regulation Goes into Effect

On July 24, 2014, the new German Cosmetics Regulation went into effect. The regulation aligns legal requirements in Germany with EU law already in effect.
Above all, the newly valid regulation serves to implement EU Cosmetics Regulation (no. 1223/2009). In addition, the German regulation considers four elements that have not been uniformly regulated before:

  • Obligation of notification for cosmetics companies
  • Use of the German language for the labeling of cosmetic products that are marketed in Germany
  • Labeling of cosmetics that are not prepackaged
  • Sanctions for violations

Implementation of the EU Cosmetics Regulation (no. 1223/2009) triggered uncertainty among affected companies. They asked if the processes they worked with met the new legal requirements. They also asked which preservatives they were allowed to use. Those questions arose in a survey taken at last year’s Cosmetics Compliance Summit.

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