The EU Cosmetics Regulation – reactions of companies

The EU Cosmetics Regulation (Regulation (EG) no. 1223/2009) triggered uncertainty among many managers at the affected companies.

The international online community Pharma IQ surveyed company representatives on the regulation and its effects. In the opinion of those surveyed, individual passages of the document allow too much room for interpretation – on the use of nanotechnologies, for example. Furthermore, the interplay between the EU regulation and REACH remains unclear, as do the concrete steps that companies should take.

The interviewers asked the representatives of the affected companies about the concrete challenges of the regulation. In response, some 31% of the respondents did not know which preservatives they were allowed to use. Some 19% admitted that the meaning of “second use” is unclear. And 14% were still looking for alternative tests they could replace animal testing. Another 13% of those interviewed wanted a clear statement about the substances that are considered nanomaterials.
Click here for more information on the survey.

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