KFT – 20 Years of Chemical Compliance



KFT is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. “This is the right time to thank our customers for their loyalty and the trust they place in use. Our guiding principles have always been reliability and loyalty coupled with competence and quality. That’s the foundation of our company’s success,” says Karl-Franz Torges, who founded the company in Hamburg in 1995 with his wife Angelika. Five years later, the couple moved to Griesheim. There they continued to expand the company into one of Germany’s leading service providers in the area of chemical compliance.

Important milestones include:

  • 2008 – Execution of a contract with a Brazilian company that signified entry into international operations
  • 2010 – The introduction of Chemdoc24, a system for the management of safety data sheets
  • 2012 – Live operation of KFT Ac@demy, a portal with many seminar, training and coaching offers.

Today KFT offers their customers the full breadth and width of chemical compliance – whether it’s consulting, training, management of safety data, or providing information through Webinars or on social media. “We take the safety of your products to heart. We guarantee 100% compliance so that you can focus on your core business”, says Karl-Franz Torges.

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