What’s Noteworthy About CLP

The CLP Regulation went into effect for mixtures on June 1, 2015. Mixtures that are placed on the market in the EU or in the European Economic Area after June 1, 2015 must be labeled and packaged according to the CLP regulation. Placement on the market means every type of delivery or supply to third parties – with or without payment. Importation is also understood as placement on the markets.

A transition period lasts until June 1, 2017 for mixtures that were classified, labeled, packaged, and placed on the market before June 1, 2015. Until the end of the transition period, mixtures may still be sold in the supply chain with the old classification label. However, when a mixture is repacked along the supply chain and the new supplier (refiller) changes the packaging in a manner that requires different classification elements or he places a product on the market under his name, the classification label must be adjusted to meet the requirements of the CLP Regulation.

The ECHA has provided a helpful Web site with Q&A on the CLP Regulation. The German Environmental Agency (Umweltbundesamt) also offers a brochure (German only).
If you have additional question, please contact us at reach@kft.de. And save October 21–22 for our seminar Einstufung und Kennzeichnung von Stoffen und Gemischen (CLP + 1999/45/EG) mit Übungen.

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