Automobile Industry: Update of REACH Guidelines

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) has appended its industry-specific REACH guidelines to the annex Safety Data Sheet Compliance Checks. The update was necessary because representatives from the industry and its associations have repeatedly criticized the poor data quality of the safety data sheets in the past.

The document contains tips and suggestions on how automobile manufacturers can quickly and effectively check the safety data sheets of their suppliers. The list of sources at the end of the document are particularly useful. The sources include important links to guidelines, tools, and information.

For several years, KFT has been working with check lists when creating safety data sheets for our customers and when creating plausibility checks for vendors‘ safety data sheets. KFT Control & Care is one of the services provided by KFT Chemieservice GmbH. The service performs plausibility checks of vendors’ safety data sheets as part of raw materials management. If you are interested in support in this area, please contact us at

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