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Health Canada Levies a Penalty for the First Time

Based on the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, Health Canada has levied a monetary penalty for the first time in its history. The penalty was issued against Orange TKO Industries, a Canadian manufacturer of cleaning products. Health Canada assessed the … Continue reading

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Sustainable Building Commission: Inadequate Laws

In a recent position paper (in German only), the Sustainable Building Commission of the Federal Environment Agency (Kommission Nachhaltiges Bauen am Umweltbundesamt (KNBau)) has criticized the lack of environmental criteria for sustainable building. As a result, the processing of construction … Continue reading

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New Seal of Approval for Consumer Products

An American nonprofit organization, Made Safe, has introduced a new seal of approval. To carry the seal, products must be free of: Carcinogenic materials Materials that have toxic effects on [fetal] development and reproduction Endocrine disruptors Flame retardants Genetically modified … Continue reading

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What’s the Value of a Clean Chemical to Us?

An ECHA study has examined the value of a chemical without negative health effects to us. The significance of the study, which has been ongoing since 2012, was presented at an ECHA workshop in January. The study assigns concrete costs … Continue reading

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Presence of Harmful Chemicals with Hormone‐Like Effects Confirmed in Children’s Urine

In the context of analytical studies, U.S. researchers have found various harmful chemicals in children’s urine, including Bisphenol A, Triclosan, matabolites of DEHP, various parabens, and 4‐Nonylphenol (4NP), which has hormone‐like effects. Three of four of the children examined had … Continue reading

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China Defines GHS Codes and Hazard Warnings

The Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China (SAC) has approved a standard for GHS codes and hazard warnings. The specifications covered in the standard go into effect on January 1, 2017. Standard GB/T 32374‐2015: Phrase and Codification of … Continue reading

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Guideline for Characterizing Solvent Mixtures

The OECD has published a Guideline that presents a method for unambiguous characterization of hydrocarbon solvent mixtures. Actual risks can be evaluated reliably only when the identity of the substance is known. Once that occurs, regulations and laws can be … Continue reading

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