Vietnam Issues New Biocide Law

The Vietnamese government has published the final version of its biocides law, Management of Chemicals and Preparations Intended as Household Insecticides and Disinfectants, which goes into effect in July 2018.

The law regulates the packaging, labeling, product registration, storage, and transport of disinfectants and insecticides. For example, the labels must contain general product information such as name, composition, and intended use. But they must also contain storage and warning instructions, first-aid directions, the name and address of the registrant, and the registration number.

Manufacturers and importers are obligated to have their products registered with the Vietnamese Ministry of Health (MoH) when the active ingredients are first manufactured or imported.

The law prohibits active biocides that:

  • The WHO (The WHO Recommended Classification of Pesticides by Hazard) lists as Category 1A (extremely hazardous) or 1B (highly hazardous)
  • The GHS assigns to Classes I and II – substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic, and toxic to reproduction or that affect the respiratory system
  • The MoH lists as prohibited

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