South Korea Limits Use of Nonylphenols

Nonylphenols with CAS numbers 25154-52-3, 104-40-5, 84852-15- 3, 139-84-4, 136-83-4, 90481-04-2, and 11066-49-2 along with nonylphenol ethoxylates with CAS numbers 9016-45-9, 27177-05- 5, 68412-54-4, 127087-87-0, 68412-53-3, 26027-38-3, and 37205-87-1 may no longer be used in the following ways in South Korea:

  • Household cleaners, printing inks, and paints
  • Cleaning agents and detergents for industrial and commercial use along with agents used in finishing leather and textiles, unless the substances are consumed in the process and do not flow into waste water

The limitation also applies to mixtures if the substance in question is present in a concentration of more than 0.1% by weight.

See our blog for more information on the use and hazards of nonylphenols.

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