Switzerland Updates Its Substances List

The list of new substances notified or registered in Switzerland was updated with 325 items in June. Switzerland updates the list each year in January and June.

New substances manufactured in or imported into Switzerland in a quantity greater than one ton must be registered with the notification authority before they are marketed. The requirement also applies to substances already registered with the EU. For detailed information, see the information provided by the Swiss central notification authority.

The Swiss Chemicals Ordinance was revised in 2015. Since then, it is called the Ordinance on Protection against Dangerous Substances and Preparations (Chemicals Ordinance: ChemO) of 5 June 2015 with registration number SR 813.11.

For the most part, Swiss law on chemicals corresponds to that of the EU. The Swiss Environmental Ministry has compiled a fact sheet that covers the differences (in German only).

If you have any questions about the legal compliance of your products, please contact us at reach@kft.de.

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