Japan Publishes New GHS Classifications

The Japanese National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) has published a new list of substances. The updated list contains 84 new and 95 revised GHS classifications. The list is important for companies that operate in the Japanese market and are required to create safety data sheets (SDS).

GHS classifications and SDS are required for substances and mixtures that are covered by the Industrial Safety and Health Law (ISHL), Pollutant Release and Transfer Register Law (PRTR), and the Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law (PDSCL).

Since 2013, the ISHL has defined the legal framework for the realization of GHS guidelines, for which Japan has created Japan Industrial Standards (JIS). Although corporate adherence to the standards is voluntary, some standards are more than suggestions. For example, companies are to take all possible measures to fulfill Standard JIS Z 7253.

The NITE Web site provides the complete list along with the CAS numbers of the substances. The following classifications are noteworthy:

  • Hydrazine and bisphenol A (from Category 2 to Category 1B) – probably carcinogenic
  • Titanium dioxide (nanoform) in Category 1, harmful to airways and other organs upon lengthy or repeated exposure.

You can download the GHS guidelines from the NITE Web site.

If you have tricky questions about legal compliance, please contact us at reach@kft.de.

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