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EU Amends Article 9 of the Waste Framework Directive

The EU parliament has approved an amendment of Article 9 of the Waste Framework Directive. The draft will now be submitted to the EU Council for formal approval. The change to the law is likely to take effect in July. … Continue reading

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Germany’s Federal Environment Agency Looks at Mobile Hazardous Substances

Persistent, mobile, and toxic (PMT) substances should be identified by specific criteria and regulated accordingly. That’s the recommendation of Michael Neumann of the chemical safety department of the Germany’s Federal Environment Agency (UBA) at a two-day workshop sponsored by the … Continue reading

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ECHA Wants to Restrict Flame Retardants in Childcare Items and Upholstered Home Furniture

The ECHA is recommending that the EU Commission strictly limit the use of flame retardants in polyurethane foams. According to the agency, the organophosphates TCEP, TCPP, and TDCP significantly increases the risk of cancer. That’s the conclusion of a screening … Continue reading

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Automobile Industry Wants to Introduce Regulatory Radar

According to a report from Chemical Watch, this summer the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) wants to implement a regulatory radar, a monitoring system for regulatory activities. The ACEA itself has also spoken of a Global Regulatory Monitoring System of … Continue reading

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Cosmetics: Substances That Trigger Most Allergies

The National Institute for Public Health and Environment (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu: RIVM) in the Netherlands has published its current RIVM Report on the frequency of allergic reactions to cosmetics. According to the report, isothiazolinone (21% of cases) and … Continue reading

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German Chemical Industry Association Warns of a Hard Brexit

On the anniversary of the British application for Brexit on March 28, Utz Tillmann, chief executive of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), warned about the consequences of a hard Brexit for the German chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Although the … Continue reading

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REACH 2018: ECHA Offers and Recommendations

Effective immediately, the ECHA will provide REACH-IT around the clock to all companies that want to register substances. The ECHA will also hold a Webinar on April 19 (11:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m.) that allows prospective registrants to pose questions and obtain comprehensive information … Continue reading

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