GHS: Why Regulations Aren’t Uniform

In his overview article in CHEManager (German only), KFT director Karl-Franz Torges discusses why no real uniformity exists after 15 years of GHS – even though the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro (The Earth Summit) in 1992 decided on harmonization of the classification and labeling of chemicals.

Yes, GHS has already been implemented in 50 countries. But in highly various ways and no GHS regulations yet exist in 128 countries. Torges identifies some important reasons for the discrepancy. The undesirable multiplicity of approaches arises partly because individual countries introduce GHS based on various revisions of the system. Other countries select individual parts of GHS and implement those in their national laws and regulations, a building-block approach. Torges, an expert in chemical compliance, also covers the situation with safety data sheets, which is no less complex than GHS.

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