Turkey: More Training Institutes for KKDIK Experts

The Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (MoEU) has now accredited a total of seven institutes to train chemists as experts in chemical safety and evaluation (KDU in Turkish). The requirements for accreditation are considerable. They are described and defined in Annex 18 of the Turkish REACH regulation (KKDIK). The experts may create and sign safety data sheets after they have received permission from one the following governmental agencies:

  • Cetin Akademyiconsultancy – Tekirdag
  • Crad consultancy – Istanbul
  • DATA consultancy – Konya
  • DORUK consultancy – Gebze
  • TMMOB – Chamber of Chemical Engineers – Ankara
  • Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association (TKSD) – Istanbul
  • TUV Austria Certification and Training – Ankara

All companies involved in the chemicals industry that operate on the Turkish market must hire trained KDUs to ensure the security of their business.

We have supported companies operating on the Turkish market for many years. If you have any questions, please contact us at sds@kft.de.

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