South Korea: 336 Chemicals Submissions in First K-REACH Registration Deadline

On July 2, the registration deadline for priority existing chemicals (PECs) expired. 350 chemicals have data consortia with a leading registrant as coordinator. However, registration dossiers were submitted on time for only 336 of the chemicals (see the list). Some 14 data consortia missed the deadline, meaning that companies may no longer import these chemicals into or manufacture them in South Korea.

The current status is as follows: 210 of the 336 documents that were submitted have already been approved. The remaining 135 chemicals require more extensive testing or the companies involved must supply additional information by September 30.

Overall, the PEC list contains more than 500 chemicals. Why haven’t registration dossiers been submitted for the remaining 150 substances? Three reasons apply:

  • The chemical is used in a quantity less than one ton and is therefore not subject to the registration requirement.
  • The companies have reduced or halted production of the substance because they already have a substitute.
  • The substance and its use are already regulated by a different law, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Act or the Agrochemicals Control Act.

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