China: Ministry Sets Up Department to Manage Hazardous Chemicals

Established as recently as this spring, the new Chinese Ministry for Emergency Management (MEM) has created a department whose employees are responsible for the safety, monitoring, and management of hazardous chemicals. Their duties include ensuring production safety in the chemicals industry, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and fireworks.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Supervision and monitoring of work safety regulations, laws, and standards
  • Creation of a catalog of hazardous chemicals
  • Management of the registration of hazardous chemicals domestically
  • Investigation of accidents and assurance of accountability

The task of the MEM is to monitor safe production and work safety in industrial and commercial entities. Right now, the Ministry is working on the creation of a uniform emergency management system. Overall, the Ministry encompasses 20 internal institutions.

The public was informed about the founding of the new department and the changed organizational structure on August 14 (only in Chinese).

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