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Johnson & Johnson Settles a Suit Involving Talcum Powder and Cancer 

Johnson & Johnson (J&J), an American consumer goods company, has settled a suit brought by a woman with cancer for $1.5 million. She blames her illness on the use of talcum powder and brought the suit against J&& for that … Continue reading

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Taiwan: Legislators Revise Chemicals Law

On December 21, 2018, the Parliament of Taiwan (in Chinese only) agreed to changes to the Toxic Chemicals and Concerned Substances Control Act (TCCSCA). The changes deal with handling chemicals that involved health and safety risks. A total of 75 … Continue reading

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England’s New Chemicals Strategy

The British Ministry for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has developped a new chemicals strategy for England. The ministry has summarized the central points of the approach in the 146-page report: “Our Waste, Our Resources: A Strategy for England”. … Continue reading

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Survey: Product Vendors Missing Information on SVHCs

Not even 50% of companies feel that they have good information about the presence of SVHC in their products. That’s the result of an online survey taken as part of the pan-European AskREACH project between June and September 2018. 174 … Continue reading

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South Korea Modifies the Chemical Controls Act (CCA)

The South Korean Ministry of Environment (MoE) has published Implementation Rules for the Chemical Controls Act (CCA: Only in Korean). The CCA regulates the monitoring and handling of hazardous goods, how to avoid chemical accidents, and how to register serious … Continue reading

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EU Project: Significant Quality Issues with Extended Safety Data Sheets

As part of a European project, REACH-EN-FORCE 5, inspectors found significant quality issues when examining extended safety data sheets (eSDS) in 2017. They wanted to determine if information is transmitted correctly along the supply chain. In that context, they also … Continue reading

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