EU-Sponsored Project: Risks of EDC Mixtures Underestimated

Mixtures of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC) conceal health risks that are significantly higher for children than the risks posed by individual chemicals. That’s the result of an EU-sponsored project, EDC-MixRiskwhose findings were presented in a workshop, The Chemical Cocktail Challenge, at the end of March in Brussels.

As part of the project, an international team of researchers led by Ake Bergman of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm spent four years studying how mixtures of endocrine disrupters affect human health. The goal of the project was to improve risk management.

The researchers used data from a Swedish study of pregnant women, the Swedish Environmental Longitudinal, Mother and Child, Asthma, and Allergy (SELMA) study. Based on the data, they created EDC reference mixtures that they then used in experiments with cells and animals. The resulting toxicological data is the key to systematic risk assessments of EDC mixturespress release summarizes the most important findings and data. 

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