ECHA Action Plan: Screen All REACH Data by 2027

The ECHA and the EU Commission plan to screen all data on chemicals in quantities greater than one ton by 2027. That announcement was made by ECHA executive director Björn Hansen at an event sponsored by Chemical Watch held in Brussels at the end of March. That approach is also the core statement of the ECHA action plan to be published in June of this year.

The ECHA database currently (April 8, 2019contains information on 22,096 chemicals and information from 93,932 dossiers.

However, gaps exist in many of the REACH registration dossiers. That’s why a closer examination is absolutely necessary, said Sharon McGuinness, chair of the ECHA management board, in response to a query from Chemical Watch. Accordingly, the ECHA has asked national enforcement agencies of EU member states to inspect the dossiers of all registrants in the future, rather than limiting itself to the dossiers of leading registrants.

The European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) is also developing an action plan to identify the causes of data gaps. In its initial analysis, CEFIC identified one source of errors: Many registrants provide insufficient justification for the use of alternatives to animal testing.

CEFIC wants to align its action plan closely to that of the ECHA and then publish it on its website.

You can maintain the marketability of your products by updating your dossiers regularly. If you have any questions, we are pleased to offer you support at 

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