ECHA: New Chair of the Board of Appeal

A French legal expert, Antoine Buchet, will assume the chair of the ECHA Board of Appeal on August 16, replacing a Spaniard, Mercedes Ortuño, who served as chair for ten years. Antoine Buchet is an acknowledged expert in EU law and has worked in the French Ministry of Justice for ten years. Until he takes office in August, he will continue to serve as a legal advisor for the European Commission.

His profile on LinkedIn does not reveal how much experience he has with REACH and chemicals management, yet knowledge of both areas is absolutely necessary. As environmental expert Simon Tilling said in an interview with Chemical Watch, increased attention will be paid to the evaluation of dossiers and substance evaluations. He expects ECHA decisions to be increasingly challenged in the future. That makes the work of the Board of Appeal all the more important, since it works independently of the ECHA. Future decisions will be keenly awaited because they become precedents for additional cases.

We recently reported on a decision of the Board of Appeal that was preceded by a suit lasting several years. 

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