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Siloxane: Industry Criticizes the ECHA’s Restriction Plan 

The ECHA suggestion to limit siloxanes D4, D5, and D6 under REACH has raised an alarm in industry. The European organization of silicone manufacturers (Centre Européen des Silicones: CES) represents the manufacturers of silicone polymers and fears a negative effect on the emission of carbon dioxide.  Siloxanes D4, D5, and D6 are already classified as substances of very high concern (SVHC). According to REACH (EU) 2018/35 that … Continue reading

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Is the Use of Salicylic Acid in Cosmetics Safe? That’s What the EU Says

The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) of the EU has published an Opinion on Salicylic Acid in Cosmetics. The authors write that the use of salicylic acid as a preservative is safe up to a concentration of 0.5%. But … Continue reading

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Johnson & Johnson Settles a Suit Involving Talcum Powder and Cancer 

Johnson & Johnson (J&J), an American consumer goods company, has settled a suit brought by a woman with cancer for $1.5 million. She blames her illness on the use of talcum powder and brought the suit against J&& for that … Continue reading

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Canada: Talc Can Cause Ovarian Cancer

The Canadian government sees a connection between the frequency of ovarian cancer and exposure to talc. Accordingly, it plans to limit or completely forbid the use of the substance in many cosmetics. The government bases its decision on the Draft … Continue reading

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Danish Study Finds High Concentrations of PFAS in Cosmetics

As part of a study, scientists of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studied 17 cosmetics and found relatively high concentrations of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in one of every three products. The researchers found at least one of … Continue reading

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Thailand Updates Its Cosmetics Regulations

On October 19, Thailand announced changes to its cosmetics regulations that went into effect the next day. The announcement covered three notifications. In the first two, the Thai Ministry of Public Health updated the list of preservatives permitted in cosmetics … Continue reading

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Microplastics Found in Human Stool

As part of a pilot study directed by Bettina Liebmann of the Environment Agency Austria and Philipp Schwabl of the Medical University of Vienna, scientists have discovered microplastics in human stool for the first time. The scientists presented their findings … Continue reading

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