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EU Draft Regulation for Annex VIII of the CLP Regulation: Reporting Period for Mixtures Postponed

The EU Commission has reacted to calls from industry associations (see: Poison Centers: ECHA Opens Submission Portal for Hazardous Mixtures), and prepared a new draft regulation. According to the draft, the reporting period for mixtures used by consumers is being moved from January … Continue reading

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Titanium Dioxide: Not Classified as Probably Carcinogenic for the Time Being

At its meeting in April, the REACH regulations committee crossed out “classification of titanium dioxide” on its agenda at the last minute, thereby postponing a decision on how titanium dioxide products will be classified in the future until the fall. … Continue reading

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EU Countries Inspect Products for Hazardous Chemicals

As part of two EU enforcement projects, inspectors have examined products across the EU for the presence of hazardous chemicals. The first project monitors compliance with Regulation No. 528/2012 on the marketing and use of biocide products. In the second project, government agencies examine products imported into the … Continue reading

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EU Looks at Including EDCs in the GHS

The EU Commission will examine whether endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) can be included in the existing international system for classification of chemicals (GHS). That’s the content of a Communication of the Commission (see the fourth bullet on page 12). With the … Continue reading

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ECHA: Online Ads for Many Products are Not Legally Compliant

As part of an enforcement project, the ECHA examined more than 1,300 online advertisements for chemical mixtures, including cleaning products, paints, and pesticides. The result? More than 80% of the products did not meet the requirement of the CLP Regulation. … Continue reading

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Sweden: One of Ten Products Labeled Incorrectly

The Swedish chemicals agency KEMI, examined about 24,000 products that contain hazardous chemicals. Some 2,600 of the products, most of them cleaning products, were found to be labeled incorrectly. In three of every four cases, the labels did not comply … Continue reading

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What’s Noteworthy About CLP

The CLP Regulation went into effect for mixtures on June 1, 2015. Mixtures that are placed on the market in the EU or in the European Economic Area after June 1, 2015 must be labeled and packaged according to the … Continue reading

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