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Asia-Pacific Area: Economic Community Recommends Uniform Adoption of GHS 7th revision

The Asia-Pacific Economic Co-Operation (APEC) community, representing 21 nations and almost half the world’s population, has advised its members to adopt the GHS 7th revision uniformly by the end of 2021 to harmonize its requirements across member states. The goal … Continue reading

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Poison Centers: ECHA Opens Submission Portal for Hazardous Mixtures

As of April 24, companies can access a new online-tool provided by the ECHA that supports the preparation and transmission of data on hazardous mixtures. Companies can create information in PCN format, which is compatible with IUCLID and transmit it to the responsible agencies in member states. The agencies … Continue reading

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Finland: Safety Deficiencies at Two of Every Three Workplaces

Workplaces in smaller companies often suffer from deficient safety, especially when chemical safety is involved. That’s the result of a Finnish study conducted in mid-October that involved 50 inspectors and 350 workplaces in industry, automobile and motorcycle repair shops, and laundries … Continue reading

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Penalties Threatened for Neglect of Duties

A state authority recently imposed a penalty on a company. Such a measure serves the authority as a legitimate means of pressuring a company to enforce mandatory behavior. The penalty is to be imposed even if the customer later meets … Continue reading

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